• Trellis Sculpture

    Roses Climbing
  • Urban Interiors of Carytown

    Grapevine application to Storefront.
  • Urban Interiors of Carytown

    Grapvine Nesting Signage.
  • Urban Interiors of Carytown

    Before application of Vinework.
  • Oropendulum

    Recent Addition
  • Richmond Symphony Designer House

  • Orb Cochere

    Custom Fit to Lantern
  • Oropendulum Night Debut

    "For the Birds"
  • Half Gabion Pot Covers

    Conifer Containers
  • Gabion Luminary

    Night of the Gala
  • Wall of Gabions Awaiting Delivery

    30 of 100 Built
  • Chevaux de Frise Debarked

    9' of 500' Built
  • Chevaux de Frise with Bark

    18' of 500' Built
  • Rain Barrel Gabion

    Hide ugly Rain Barrels
  • Firewood Gabion

    Snow Topped
  • Gabion in Azalea's

    Gabion Driveway Header.
  • Half Gabion

    Juxtaposed Comfortably With Garden Plants.
  • Santa Fe Ladder

    In Richmond.
  • Tanglewood Orbs

    Morning Light.
  • Tanglewood Orbs

    Porch Illumination.
  • Tanglewood Orbs

    Crack of Dawn.
  • Tanglewood Orbs

    Orb Moonlighting As Pendant Lamp.
  • Garden Arch & Gateway

    Sweet Jasmine on Grapevine.
  • Herb Garden Enclosure

    Canines Out, Sunshine In.
  • Grapevine Fencing

    Proper Tea Light Application.
  • Grapevine Fencing

    Tree to a Post Planter.
  • Herb Garden

    Bird Cap Post Top.

Earthworks Enterpises, LLC

Natural Landscape Elements

Email   EarthworksRVA@gmail.com

Earthworks Products and Services

1 CUSTOM DESIGN     Contrive a Design, Convey your Idea, Earthworks will Create.
2  GARDEN ELEMENTS   These Natural Landscape Elements Provide Aesthetic Character for Your Garden and Home.
3 TANGLEWOOD ORBS Wild Grapevine Persuaded Into Pleasant Vessels for Light.
4   VINEWORK FENCING This style fence is sure to distinguish you from your neighbors.


About Earthworks Enterprises, LLC

Earthworks was conceived in the early months of 2012.  I have a deeply rooted affinity for the outdoor environment combined with a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing elements from raw natural materials.  These elements blend seamlessly in both the garden and home.  You can find my work at the local South of the James Farmers Market here in Richmond on Saturday mornings through December.   You may also contact EarthworksRVA@gmail.com with any and all inquiries.  I welcome all innovative custom requests and  genuinely thrive on this type of  endeavor.
My materials are obtained locally lessening impact on our environment.   Wild vines are the more prevalent medium for my work.  These vines would otherwise be impeding photosynthesis in healthy trees resulting in tree mortality.  My business objective is a rare  win/win situation for the environment, the customer, and my business.  – To provide  the client with a one of a kind natural landscape element, meanwhile extricating hundreds of trees from a decided twist of fate.

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